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Why choose FrontLobby? 1) Inclusive Platform: designed for both renters and housing providers of all sizes, it does not require integrations or payments to be made through the platform. 2) Accessible Price: one of the most cost-effective solutions available to ensure everyone can access the benefits of Rent Reporting. 3) Transparency: Ensures clear communication and visibility throughout the process, fostering trust and accountability between renters and housing providers.

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  • Housing Providers with 1 to 10,000+ leases
  • Individual Renters
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Reports To:

  • Equifax
  • TU & Experian (coming soon)
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Data Reported:

  • Positive
  • Full-file upon request (Housing Provider)
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  • Yardi
  • Entrada (coming soon)
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HOUSING PROVIDERS: The general cost is $1/month/lease for housing providers plus a standard membership fee of $239/year (includes rent reporting for first 20 leases).

RENTERS: The cost is $4/month if a renter signs up directly.

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Additional Features:

Application screening, utility reporting, verified Tenant Records, automated notifications, internal recordkeeping, insurance, and access to free resources and marketplace discounts.

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