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CreditBuilder by LevelCredit is designed for renters to directly enroll and better manage their financial reporting future. Any small to medium landlord can direct their residents to directly enroll and optionally sponsor their residents by paying for their enrollment. From reporting your largest monthly expenses to offering personalized tips for improving your credit score and providing credit monitoring alerts and identity theft insurance and credit restoration, CreditBuilder is here to help you get the credit you deserveĀ®.

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Reports To:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion
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Data Reported:

  • Positive
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The cost is $6.95/month if a consumer enrolls directly. If the landlord would like to incur the costs, they can contact the LevelCredit Team for more information.

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Additional Features:

Renters can sign up to have their utility payments reported in addition to rent. In addition, the platform has credit building education, credit score tracking, and credit monitoring and alerts.

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Get Started:

Renters can go to levelcredit.com to sign up. If a landlord would like to sponsor their residents rent and utility reporting for a discounted price, they can visit https://www.levelcredit.com/partnership-opportunity or contact the team at opportunities@levelcredit.com